Free Garmin Support has produced a new GPS unit that is a must-have for runners.Free Garmin Support Forerunner 305 GPS is the best Garmin has to offer for runners.  This product has many features that make it easy to use and the Garmin programs are not complicated at all. This unit works perfectly for both experienced and non-experienced runners because the unit adapts to your specific needs and type of workouts.  This device is also useful for people who are training for high school sports tryouts. The sleek design of the Free Garmin Support Forerunner 305 GPS makes it feel as if your not even wearing it.  I found it amazing that something so small and comfortable could hold an unbelievable amount of data.  The unit is waterproof so you can run anytime during the day, rain or shine.  The widescreen is easy to view while you are running due to its high resolution which eliminates the glare of the sun.

The antenna is positioned on the device so that while the screen is facing you, the antenna itself is pointing straight to the sky which provides incredible receiver strength.  You can run through thick forests and still get great reception.  This unit always knows where you are at all times because it can quickly calculate your position due to the reception it receives from satellites.  The Garmin Forerunner 305 has easy to use buttons that allow you to access all sorts of data and information while you are in the middle of a workout.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS includes a wide range of data that can easily be viewed on the screen of the unit.  The data screens display information about your workout including, distance, calories burned, and even heart rate.  The heart rate strap attaches to your chest and allows the system to display the heart rate information on the screen for you to view.  This device also lets you choose your own desired data screens so that you can look at the data that is most important to you and get rid of the ones you don’t care about or don’t understand.  This is how the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is great for non-experienced and experienced runners.  Some people just like to see how many calories they burned while others like to see their heart rate and other data counts.  This unit also can give you alerts during your workout such as when to go faster or slow down.

Another great feature of the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is the ability to download information from a computer.  The unit comes with a USB jack and therefore can be connected to a computer.  This allows you to download specific workout routines from a computer and then transfer them to the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS.  This unit can also store previous workout data in its system so you can view your progress if you do the same workout multiple times.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is a great little device for any runner. The unit is very easy to use and it provides a variety of workout information that is very valuable.  You can read reviews on the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS and buy the unit on

The world of Garmin GPS – Manufacturers, uses, and availability. The Garmin products are being constantly adapted to needs and lifestyle of its users.

Garmin is an accredited international company established on the principles of convenience, innovation, value, performance, and service. It is booming well due to the convenient services such as interior designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling customer-oriented products.

Garmin’s innovative products include different areas of interest such as aviation, automotive, fitness, marine, open-air recreation and wireless applications.

From the very first time, the founders have been focusing the main area of interest on selling their innovative product with the help of a GPS (Global Positioning System), thus they are now surrounded with ingenious minds and prospective customers.

Garmin not only designs and sells a product, but it also adjusts with the lifestyle of an individual. From marine to aviation, fitness to automotive, outdoor recreation to a wireless solution, their employees are on the water, in the air, in the timbers and at the back of the wheel.

Other Specialties:

If you are looking for a GPS (Global Positioning System), then it is a wise idea to think about Garmin’s Garmin NUVI GPS. This is not only an ordinary GPS but includes several features that you cannot get in a standard GPS.

Naturally, navigational help is the basic feature that you might be expecting for in a GPS. Garmin NUVI GPS has an automatic routing system, 2D and 3D map viewpoint, voice directions to show street names, and touch screen edge that makes navigation easy.

In addition, Garmin NUVI GPS supports configurable automobile icons. You obtain personalized car-shaped icons in several colors that depict your place over the map. Garmin has also produced several types of GPS products, especially for automobiles and skiers. Within each type, there is a variety of models to meet the needs of every customer.

For instance, Garmin NUVI GPS of StreetPilot c340 has a text format with speaking functions. Hence, you have the benefit of hands-free-operation to concentrate on the road at the time of driving and you do not have to look at the GPS to see what is written over there. It is an ideal feature for people who want to focus ahead on the path during fast driving.